W E L C O M E …

to IFGF Church and Shalom!

Thanks for coming by and what a great joy to meet you in the House of the Lord together with us today. In this House, together we come to seek His presence to dwell in each one of us. Together we praise and worship Him with all our hearts and thanksgiving. Together we desire ourselves to learn more about the Truth of the Word of God. Together we decide to grow together as the Body of Christ with a strong unity in Spirit. Together we find delight to serve Him wholeheartedly according to the capacity and talents that He gives us. And together we devote each one of us to be the disciples of Jesus Christ in any aspects of our life with high integrity and characters. As the Great Commission commands us, we lead others to make disciples of Christ in whatever they do and wherever they are. Together we walk through the Discipleship Journey together to be a disciple of Christ. In togetherness, we shall lack nothing under His shelter (Psalms 91) and all things are possible through Him only (Matthew 19:16-30).
Be the church where you are. God bless and see you on Sundays!


Discipleship Journey